Eight Best Drivable National Parks in the United States

Eight Best Drivable National Parks in the United States


With over four million miles of pavement on U.S. roads, vacationers are faced with an abundance of scenic routes from sea to sea. And with so many parks in the national park system, much of those roadways zoom directly with several of America’s finest landscapes. Yet which roads are the finest? 

Rocky Mountain National Park

The gates of Rocky Mountain National Park are less than two hrs from Denver, making this western citadel one of one of the most obtainable parks in the country. That shouldn’t prevent vacationers looking for unrivaled views, though, as the park dishes out a surreal, arctic tundra atop America’s highest tarmac: Route Ridge Road. Route Ridge Roadway carries drivers west from Estes Park, through the continental divide. At 12,183 feet, the drive is a swirling dreamscape of moving clouds, spewing snow and roaming elk. The most ideal time to go to Rocky Hill National Park is throughout the elk rut from mid-September with mid-October.

Glacier National Park

There’s no stretch of road quite like Glacier’s Going to the Sun Roadway. The risky, 50 mile freeway skirts a course along the bones of The United States and Canada’s geologic structures, proving visitors with death-defying views of a prehistoric glacial valley. The path here is prized, commonly opening up only by June and open only for a couple of months, as the snow can pack back in by October. This is an unmissable experience; but tourists can leave the path for among Glacier’s several loosened crushed rock roads that dot their means with unblemished wilderness and also similarly outstanding sights near the outpost of Polebridge and the Canadian border.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

You can’t avoid the crowds in the Smokies, which are typically open year-round thanks to their lower elevations on the Tennessee / North Carolina border. Nonetheless, you’ll still discover lots of natural beauty travelling with the heart of among America’s many ancient chain of mountains. Views in the fall, in particular, are hard to miss. These mountains have actually been matured over time, leaving vacationers with sweeping scenic views of soft, rolling peaks that melt into the early morning haze and beautiful sunsets.

Badlands National Forest

Isolated from its closest National Park neighbors by thousands of miles, South Dakota’s Badlands National Park rewards vacationers on Interstate 90 with an enormous moonscape that’s conveniently accessible by vehicle. For road warriors making a continental road trip, the park’s surreal network of peaks, abundance of wildlife and also roadside campgrounds make the Badlands a can’t- miss out on location midway throughout America.

Olympic National Park

House to temperate rainforests, glaciers and also rocky Pacific Northwest coast, Washington’s Olympic National forest provides an unequalled selection of diversity amongst United States parks. Found on the coastline of the Olympic Peninsula, this mega-park is easy to get turned around in. A lot of visitors follow the famous U.S. Freeway 101 in the direction of rocky Ruby Coastline prior to averting up Cyclone Ridge Roadway for a treacherous, winding drive along its high cliffs and unobstructed sights of the Waterfall Hills at the road’s peak. 

Yosemite National Park

A professional photographer’s paradise, the golden state’s Yosemite is renowned for top-notch hiking, camping and climbing in one of one of the most picturesque landscapes on Earth. Underrated, nevertheless, are the park’s roadways, which shuttle site visitors to-and-from trailheads. The amazing Glacier Factor Road puts drivers face-to-face with the legendary half-done at Washburn Point and Glacier Point.

Bryce Canyon National Forest

One of the most compact of Utah’s Big 5 national forests at simply 55 square miles, Bryce Canyon punches above its weight with an all-star quality driving excursion that lugs travelers to breathtaking view after beautiful view. Parking areas at Inspiration Point, Sunup Point, Sundown Factor and also Natural Bridge give fast and also very easy access to sights that are sure to make your stand in awe. 

Arches National Forest

The 155-square-mile stretch surrounding the Colorado River and Moab houses some 2,500 all-natural rock arcs. New site visitors may be stunned to discover that many of those arches, including the storied Landscape and Turret arcs, are plainly seen from the road. Rock formations like the Parade of Elephants, Park Method and the Courthouse Towers additionally lie along Arches Scenic Drive.