Finding The Perfect Golf Driver for 2020

Finding The Perfect Golf Driver for 2020


The game of golf is a game of class, tradition, and skill. It can also be the most frustrating game to play in sports. The best part about golfing is that you can play at almost any time in your life. Whether you are a kid, teen, young adult, adult, or older golf can be played by anyone. One of the most important parts of your golf game is your drive off the tee. Improving this part of your game is important because it is usually the first shot at the hole. If your drive is poor, then most likely the rest of the hole will be more difficult and frustrating for you. Having the right equipment and driver can help alleviate that issue and improve your game. Here are the best drivers for 2020 that can help take a few strokes off of your scorecard. 

Callaway Epic Flash
One of the top new golf drivers for 2020 is made by Callaway. Callaway has decided to change the outlook of their new driver by changing the clubface with a new technology called the flash face. The lines on the clubface work to improve your COR. The new technology along with a new tighter weaved carbon fabric, this club is going to improve your ball speed with every drive.

Ping G400 Max Driver – Center of the Ball
One of the main problems some golfers have with their swing when they pull out their driver is that they miss the center of the clubface and the ball is not hit square in the middle. One of the new golf drivers in 2020 that is going to help with that is the Ping G400 Max Driver. While golfing this driver is going to have a smaller head on it but a larger sweet spot. This is going to allow you to have a bit faster club swing but still allow you to strike the ball with the middle of the club. This allows a little more forgiveness with your drive which any golfer no matter what experience needs.

Callaway Rogue Draw – Fixing the Slice
Slicing a ball with your driver off the tee box is one of the most common mistakes golfers make and can cause you to go from a good round to an awful round. Fixing your slice however can improve your score tremendously. The Callaway Rogue Draw driver is the driver to get in 2020 to help fix a slice and hit the ball where you want. This driver is heavier on the heel side of the club forcing your swing to keep the toe of the driver in line as you strike the ball. This will help you strike the ball more squarely and keep your ball from slicing into the woods or into a water hazard. 

With these top drivers, you will be the envy of your friends while improving your golf game. As any experienced golfer knows, any technique or enhanced piece of equipment can give you the edge you need for a great round of golf.