Five Points To Understand About Being A Snowbird

Five Points To Understand About Being A Snowbird


Heading to warmer climates throughout rough northern winters is not a modern occurrence. Nomads have been doing it since ancient times. The difference is that now we have the ability to take our residences with us as we go. Want to be a snowbird? There are a few points to consider prior to flying south for the winter.

Snowbird Friendly Areas

Lots of Recreation Vehicle parks in southerly states like Florida, Texas, Arizona, and locations in Mexico, make most of their money by leasing to RVers throughout the winter season. These places normally tout themselves as “Snowbird Friendly.” That typically means that their month-to-month prices are discounted contrasted to their daily or once a week rates. Some even urge you to lease for the whole season.

Expenses and Restrictions

As noted above, there will certainly be rates for any RV park you pick to remain in for a longer period of time. If you’re extra diligent about saving money, you can find cheaper places to go if you want a bit more room with less social time. If you’re not currently a Recreational Vehicle owner, there’s the first cost of locating the one that’s right for you. You might want a pop-up camper, though for real snowbirding you may be a lot more thinking about a fifth wheel or motorhome, even more of a home-away-from-home. You can always inquire about park models so you don’t have to worry about purchasing one while you explore various parks. There will additionally be travel expenses related to getting there and also navigating. Motor Home parks fill up fast, specifically snowbird friendly places. With thousands of return visitors and new ones each year, it’s clever to prepare ahead. 

Take Care of Home 

As a snowbird, there’s absolutely nothing worse than coming back after four to six months in a warmer environment to a home that’s suffered busted pipelines or a damaged door. Making certain your home is taken care of can go a long way in helping you appreciate the southern US. Numerous locations in the north get particularly cold which can ice up and burst your plumbing. Hiring a house sitter is a good idea if you can find one. Otherwise, find ways to make it appear as though you’re home. Halt your mail and have somebody shovel snow on your driveway. Set timers on indoor lights to give the appearance of activity. 

Furnishing Your RV

In spite of the general respite from snow and also ice, temperature levels in warmer areas can still dip at night, and you might discover a vast array of climate on your trip to and also from your winter residence. When you pack for your adventure southern, include some clothes for cooler climates. Naturally, you’ve also got to consider what these wild swings in temperature level can do to your rig. Adding foam insulation around your water lines and hoses to stop freezing or getting too hot can assist your convenience level enormously.

A Second Family 

In addition to the apparent benefits of warmer temperature levels and less severe weather conditions, being a snowbird comes with another benefit. When most snowbirds discover a location they love, they go back year after year and so others around them. It’s like a large get-together every wintertime and usually comes to grow like a second family. If you’re staying in among these places for a number of months, you’re going to find numerous new neighbors. With any luck, come away with a whole lot more good friends too.

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