Places Around The USA Where You Can See Bald Eagles 

Places Around The USA Where You Can See Bald Eagles 


The bald eagle is one of the most stunning birds worldwide. Chosen as our national bird, this huge bird of prey has is related to strength. It was officially assigned as the national bird by Congress on June 20, 1782 and since then, it included on our currency, official documents, and so much more. Even though the bald eagle plays a prominent, symbolic duty for America, the bird was pushed to near extinction. According to, bald eagle population numbers decreased from over 100,000 in the late 1800s due to the devastation of the bird’s habitat. Their population got as low as 600 birds.

In the 40s, Congress passed legislations made to safeguard the species. Thanks to these laws and the work of numerous committed conservationists, you now have a good chance of seeing these birds.

According to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, bald eagles can be discovered in every state of the United States except for Hawaii. That implies, there’s possibly a place in your home state where you can visit the birds in the wild. Nonetheless, if you’re searching for a good location to to see these amazing birds, here are several of the best places to go.

Alaska – Chilkat Eagle Preserve

The largest amount of bald eagles is this country is in Alaska. If you truly want the best possibility of seeing the nation’s bird in a genuinely wild environment, then you must visit this location in Alaska. This nearly 50,000 acre area in Haines sees around 4,000 bald eagles during the annual salmon run.

Oregon and California – Klamath Basin

This area, located exactly on the border of California and Oregon is home to numerous bald eagles. If you’re considering making the trip out west or already live out near that area, make sure to stop here to see at the very least a couple bald eagles.

Illinois – Starved Rock State Park

If you’re in the Midwest or will certainly be taking a trip to it, you should visit this location in Illinois. Close to Chicago, Starved Rock State Park is residence to hundreds of bald eagles, especially throughout the colder winter months. It’s a wonderful location to quit and also there’s lots to do and see.

Florida – Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge 

If you’re looking for an excellent location to go down south to see bald eagles, then look no more than this wildlife fefuge in Florida. This sanctuary houses numerous eagles. The birds come looking for new food sources and many can be easily found if you camp neighboring or hike the appropriate areas or venture out on a boat.

Nebraska – North Platte National Wildlife Refuge

Found in the western panhandle of the Nebraska, this location is one more exceptional areas to visit see bald eagles. Nebraska houses several terrific areas to see wild animals, hike, and camp, however this location, in particular, is excellent for finding bald eagles.

When to Go

Typically, the best time to see eagles is during the winter season. They migrate yearly, so you can typically return to specific locations again and again to see these fantastic animals. Seeing bald eagles in the wild is an exhilarating experience for anybody, yet if you like to travel as well as camp as a family, it can be a superb activity to do.