Five Things to Bring on Every Hike

Five Things to Bring on Every Hike


Hiking can be a lot of fun and is a great way to get out of the city and enjoy nature. Being away from the everyday comforts, however, means it is important to have the most necessary things with you. It is important not to over pack, you have to carry anything you bring, but there are a few things that every hiker should bring along every time you hit the trail.

1. Water
Staying hydrated is important while participating in any physical activity, and hiking can be strenuous. It is important to bring along plenty of water. Sometimes hiking can bring you near bodies of water, such as lakes and rivers. It is not a good idea to drink live water, which will make most people sick. Instead of a heavy supply of water, hikers can also bring along water purification tablets or filters. There are even filtered water bottles to make things simple.

2. First Aid Kit
It is always better to have a first aid kit and not need it than need one and not have it. A hike can be dangerous, especially when it comes to issues like small cuts that could need bandaging. A first aid kit may also have other useful items in it in case a larger problem arises. A thermal blanket and a flare can be a big help on a hike if you get lost at night. The best rule of thumb is that the further you are away from civilization, the more extensive your first aid kit should be.

3. Protective Clothing
It is important to bring appropriate clothing while on a hike. It is easy to remember to bring a jacket during the colder seasons, but when it gets warmer, they are easy to forget. When out hiking, it is important to at least bring a light jacket along if you are not wearing one already. Jackets are good for warmth, but they can also help keep bugs at bay in the evening, or keep a hiker dry if it begins to rain.

4. Snacks
It is always good to bring along something to snack on. Trail mix is a hiking classic, along with energy bars or dried meats, such as beef jerky. A snack while on a hike helps keep energy levels up. It is a great way to keep up strength and spirits. It is also good to have sustenance, in case things take a turn for the worse.

5. Waterproof Fire Starter
Unless it is a camping hike, may people do not think to bring a fire starter hiking. The fact is, it is an important thing to have, just in case. The ability to make fire is critical in most survival situations. Bring strike anywhere matches and keep them in a plastic bag to prevent them from getting wet. If you have space consider adding some small amounts of kindling or fire starter bricks to make it easier to get a fire started.