Top Ski Resorts In The United States

Top Ski Resorts In The United States

Skiing is an activity that many people enjoy. When a person is looking to get out into nature and go to a resort they want to make sure they are going to a great place with the best slopes. These are some of the best ski resorts in the United States.

This resort is located west of Denver, Colorado. There are 3,000 acres for guests to ski and there are 187 trails. This area gets around 300 inches of snowfall each year so the conditions are always good for skiing. There are trails for beginners and experienced skiers. There are also other forms of outdoor entertainment such as cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Park City
This resort is around a half-hour away from Salt Lake City, Utah. This was one of the featured hosts of the 2002 Winter Olympics. This resort has the Utah Olympic Park and there is also the Gorgoza Park which is designed for families. The hotel is luxurious and there are many great features including fine dining and other amenities to enjoy.

Jackson Hole
This resort is located in Wyoming. This is a must-visit resort for those that enjoy skiing and snowboarding. This resort has some of the best trails in the area including those that love the downhill skiing. The snow is like powder. After a person has finished skiing for the day they can heat up in the Granite Hot Springs. The temperature in the springs reaches 112 degrees even in the winter.

Vail Ski Resort
This is one of the best resorts in Colorado. The resort has over 7,000 acres for skiing, several mountains and 345 trails. The nearby ranges offer some great cross-country paths and provide a beautiful backdrop. This is a popular resort during the ski season so it is important to book early. The city at the base of the mountain offers plenty of restaurants, bars and other nighttime activities too.

Steamboat Springs
This is one of the peak resorts in Colorado. There are over 3,000 acres of trails and there is a trail for every level of ability. There are even areas that are designed to be kid-friendly for these little skiers. After a person spends time on the slopes they can visit the Strawberry Park Hot Springs to heat up and relieve sore muscles.

Big Sky
This ski resort is in southern Montana. There is powdery white snow and there are great ski conditions. The annual snowfall is 400 inches making fresh snow for the slopes all the time. A person can enjoy a warm drink by the fire at night. There are also some great eateries at this resort to have a good meal and fill up after the slopes.

These are some of the best ski resorts in the United States. The resorts have great trails for skiing and great accommodations for relaxing after a day out on the slopes. Be sure to try one of these top ski areas for your next trip to the slopes.